Spell Circle List

List of all the Spells


Circle #1
Touch attack that causes 1d6-2 damage. Each level of enhancement raises the damage by +1.

Healing Hand
Heals 1d6 HP. Caster must touch the target. Each level of enhancement heals an additional hit point.

Magic Light
Caster creates a magic light on the tip of a staff or other weapon that illuminates a 10-yard radius, much like a torch. Enhancement can be used to add one or more of the following effects:
• Ball of light (the caster forms the light into a floating ball that can be controlled by thought)
• Colored light (the light shines in a color of the caster’s choosing)
• Light beam (the light shines in a tight beam which reaches 15 yards)
• Flash (the effect lasts only one round but blinds everyone who looks unprotected into the flash for 1d6 rounds)
The magic light shines for 1 hour or until dispelled by the caster. It can also be sustained for 1 additional mana per hour.

Sense Magic
Caster senses the presence of magic in a 3 yard radius. Each level of enhancement adds another yard to the radius. This basic detection is instantaneous, but the spell can also be sustained for a cost of 1 mana per minute.

Caster may remotely move one item up to 1kg. Each enhancement adds another kilogram of weight that can be moved. Telekinesis lasts for 1 minute and can be sustained for 1 additional mana per minute.

Circle #2
Create Food and Water
The spell creates one daily ration of food and water for one person.

Healing Light
Heals 1d6 HP without having to touch the target. Each level of enhancement heals two additional hit points.

Allows the caster to identify one magic property of an item. Each level of enhancement identifies one additional property.

Caster may slowly float up and down for up to 3 minutes. The spell can be sustained for 1 mana per additional minute. This spell provides no horizontal propulsion, but a caster may use other means to float horizontally.

Lightning Bolt
Missile attack that causes 1d6+2 damage (+2 damage per level of enhancement).

Magic Armor
A magic bubble around the caster absorbs any damage until its HP are depleted or dispelled. The bubble has 4 hit points and each level of enhancement adds 4 more. Excess damage is not transferred.

Circle #3
Chain Lightning
As Lightning Bolt, but can also attack multiple enemies as long as they are within 5 yards of each other. Damage as Lightning Bolt. The maximum number of targets affected is 3.

Air Walk
The caster may walk on air as if it were solid ground for up to 3 minutes. The spell can be sustained for 1 minute per additional mana spent.

This missile spell causes 3d6 damage in a radius of 3 yards. Enhancement can be used to:
• improve the damage by +2
• extend the radius by 2 yards
A Firebolt may be enhanced in both ways, paying for each enhancement separately.

Enchant Weapon
The caster puts a temporary enchantment on a weapon that then grants its wielder +2 on attack rolls and damage. Lasts for one combat encounter. Enhancement can be used to add +1 to both the attack and damage bonuses.

Touch attack that puts target into stasis. For the target time stands still; the target cannot move, attack or be attacked. Duration is one hour. Enhancement adds one additional hour.

Circle #4
Summon Earth Elemental
Caster summons an Earth Elemental under his control. The Elemental is destroyed when its HP are depleted or when dispelled by the caster.

Magic Step
The caster can teleport up to 10 yards in any direction. Each enhancement adds 10 yards to the distance teleported. No line of sight is needed, but the caster must have a clear image of the place where he wants to teleport to in his mind.

Use Moongate
The caster can open moongates at special places (like stone circles) that allow instant travel over long distances. Moongates start to close slowly after 2 minutes. They cannot be held open, nor can they be opened more than once every 6 hours.

Return Life
Caster can revive one fallen character as long as the body is still intact and warm. Upon revival the returned character is healed to 2 HP. Enhancement can be used to increase the healing by 2 hit points.

Phantom Steed
The caster calls a phantom steed that can act as a mount for 24 hours. The phantom steed needs no rest and can walk on water. This spell can not be sustained; the steed must be resummoned after the 24 hours are up.


Spell Circle List

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